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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions about Exer urgent care clinics or billing and payment? Find your answers here.

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General Questions and Answers

Learn more about Exer centers and what to expect during your visit.

What is Exer and how does it compare to most regular urgent care clinics and hospitals?

Exer is more than your average urgent care clinic. Our easy-access walk-in medical centers are staffed by Emergency Medicine doctors but don’t have the wait of hospital emergency rooms. We do not require an appointment for most services and our highly-qualified staff has the expertise to treat serious injuries and illnesses but the kind touch to fix minor problems. We accept all PPO insurances, some HMO plans, and are extremely affordable for non-insurance patients.

What types of injuries and illnesses do Exer centers treat?

Exer centers are equipped to treat patients for coughs and colds, asthma, headaches, eye conditions, bloody noses, trauma, lacerations, sore throats, pneumonia, shortness of breath, sinusitis, skin infections, abscess drainage, ear pain, kidney infections, abdominal pain, urinary tract infections, back and neck pain, shoulder injuries, elbow injuries, hand injuries, hip injuries, foot injuries, ankle injuries, knee injuries, and more. Our services include pre-operative consults, respiratory therapy, digital x-rays, EKG, spirometry, general physical exams, sports physicals, on-site lab work, referral to general practitioners and specialists, IV antibiotics, referral for MRI and CAT scans, certain travel vaccinations, and more.

Who does Exer treat?

We treat you! Whether you’re young or old, just a little sick or seriously hurt, we treat all patients with non life-threatening emergent conditions. If you need an ambulance or have a life-threatening event happen then please call 911. Otherwise, Exer is here for you.

Do you take my insurance?

Most PPOs, Most HMOs and Medicare Accepted. Call us or check with your plan administrator to see if our clinic locations are contracted providers.

Also remember that insurance is not required to visit Exer. We have very affordable rates for non-insurance patients via our Prompt Pay Program.

What should I bring with me when I visit Exer?

To help us deliver quick and convenient walk-in medical care please bring the following:

  • Your driver’s license or government issued photo ID.
  • Insurance card (if you have insurance).
  • Your insurance co-payment, or personal payment if you don’t have insurance. Payment will be due at time of service.
  • A list of current medications you are taking.
  • A list of any allergies you have.
  • A list of past medical conditions or surgeries you have had.

How will you follow up with me?

Exer follows up with each of our patients within a few days of your visit to our urgent care clinics. We also coordinate with your primary care doctor and/or specialists as necessary to ensure you the quickest path to recovery.

How do Exer centers fit into the healthcare system overall?

A lot of times when a revolutionary business opens it ends up hurting established businesses in the same industry. But Exer actually does just the opposite. By funneling more than 70% of emergencies that don’t need the resources of the full hospital emergency room into our centers, we:

  • Take the burden off of the hospitals so they can put their attention on people who have immediate life-threatening emergencies.
  • Seriously cut down on your wait time.
  • Save you a lot money and even save your insurance company money. Yes, it ends up costing both of you a lot less if you go to Exer rather than the hospital emergency room.

And our extended hours and clinical expertise gives both you and your primary care doctor the option for you to come to Exer when your physician’s office is either closed or their wait list is long, in which case they direct you to us. With literally no downside, Exer is a win for the whole healthcare system!

How do wait times at Exer compare to a doctor’s office or hospital ER?

A recent study by Merritt Hawkins showed that the average hospital ER wait time is over 200 minutes, and the average wait time to get an appointment with your primary care doctor is over 20 days. And that’s before you even walk into the treatment room! So if you need to be seen quickly then you’re left with no choice but to go to the hospital and wait for hours and hours…or you could go to an Exer center. The average Exer visit from the moment you walk in the door to when you leave the center is typically under an hour and costs just a fraction of the hospital ER.

How does my cost at Exer compare to the hospital ER?

The average cost savings of visiting an Exer center rather than a hospital emergency room is over $1,100 per visit. Imagine the cost savings to both you and the entire healthcare system if the over 70% of people who unnecessarily visit the hospital ER went to Exer instead.

Am I sacrificing some of the quality of care I would otherwise receive?

Not at all. With board certified emergency medicine doctors on staff at each Exer urgent care center, you’re getting the same level of clinical expertise that you receive at the hospital emergency room for all non life-threatening emergent conditions. And of course you’re getting it a lot faster, at a much lower cost, and (we think) in a much better environment!

How do I make an appointment?

You don’t! Simply walk in to any Exer center to be seen within minutes. We’re open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day for your convenience. Please note that we register our last patient a half hour before closing so that we can give everyone the time and attention they deserve.

Billing and Payment Questions and Answers

Learn more about the billing and payment process at Exer.

How do I pay for my visit to an Exer center?

You can pay in person, over the phone or via mail.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards, cash, and checks.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Exer accepts all PPO insurance plans! We also accept certain HMO plans. Please check with your plan administrator to see if Exer is a contracted provider.

What if I don’t have insurance?

No insurance? No worries. Patients without insurance can take advantage of our Prompt Pay Program, which allows you to pay for your treatment in full at the time of service.

Do you accept Medicare?

We certainly do! However please be aware that Medicare may not pay for all of your treatment depending on the details of your specific Medicare plan. We’ll need you to fully complete and sign the appropriate forms in order for us to bill Medicare. Note that certain HMO plans may not cover all treatment, and if this is the case you’ll be responsible to pay for the uncovered portion.

How are worker’s compensation and automobile accident claims processed?

When we bill your insurance for a car accident or accident on the job, we bill one primary insurance source (not multiple sources). You are ultimately responsible for paying the balance of any charges that are not covered by the primary insurance source.

How do I know if my insurance company covers the cost of my services?

If you’re concerned about what services your insurance company covers, it’s best to give them a call and get clarification. After we submit your claim to your insurance company they will send you an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) that will show you the amount they covered and the amount you are responsible for paying. If there is any amount you are responsible for then you’ll receive a statement for the remaining balance from Exer.

I forgot my insurance card, what do I do?

When accidents happen, remembering to bring your insurance card is often the furthest thing from your mind. If you can’t provide your insurance information when you visit us then you can pay at the Prompt Pay rate. You’ll then have 48 hours to provide us with your insurance information, at which time we’ll issue you a refund.

How much will my co-pay be?

Your insurance company determines the cost of your co-pay, not Exer. It typically ranges from $10 to $50 due at the time of your visit, but may vary.

Exer accepted my insurance. Why do I have a balance?

We always submit your information to your insurance company, but if your company does not consider us “In-Network” then you may still owe a balance after your insurance company has covered the “Out-Of-Network” part of your services. Check with your insurance company to determine if Exer is In or Out of network for you, and to get details about your co-insurance or deductibles. You can also call an Exer urgent care near you and we’ll help you figure out our network status for your insurance plan.

My co-pay was higher this time than it usually is. Why is that?

Your insurance company sets your co-pay amount, not Exer. It can vary depending on your plan and the nature of your visit. For example, your co-pay to visit your primary care doctor may be different than to visit the emergency room. Check with your insurance company about the co-pay details of your specific plan.

Why did I receive a bill from an outside laboratory?

Exer does a lot of lab tests in our urgent care clinics, but there are occasions when we send certain tests out to other labs for processing. Those labs have their own costs based on the specific test.