Now you can get a quick diagnosis and treatment from our team of providers right from your tablet, smartphone or computer. With VirtualCare by Exer, you simply click on a button to be connected.

Benefits include:

  • Open 7 days a week, 9am to 9pm (last patient seen at 8:30pm)
  • No appointment necessary
  • Live video consultation with a health care provider
  • Prescription (if needed) sent right to your pharmacy
  • Most insurance accepted
  • Seamless transfer of care (if needed) to our Exer Urgent Care clinics for further diagnostic, testing and care


 How it works:

  1. GO ONLINE here to virtually wait in line to connect with one of our providers when it’s convenient for you.
  2. CONNECT and our team will register you.
  3. FEEL BETTER by receiving an immediate evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan.



Q: What is virtual care?

A: It provides real-time access to a doctor via video chat with a smartphone, tablet or computer 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm (last patient seen at 8:30pm).

Q: What will a virtual care visit cost?

A: We accept PPOs, most HMOs, and Medicare. After your insurance pays their portion, we will bill you for any remainder not paid for by insurance.

Q: Who is eligible for a virtual care visit?

A: Anyone is eligible to use virtual care as long as you are located in California at the time of your visit. For anyone under the age of 18, legal consent from a guardian is required.

Q: What conditions can be treated with virtual care?

A: We can treat the following:

  • Cold & Flu
    • Cold, Flu, Cough, Fever
  • Nose & Throat
    • Sore throat, Sinus infection, Stuffy nose
  • Respiratory
    • Seasonal allergies, Bronchitis, Chest congestion
  • Eye
    • Eye infection, Eye irritation, Pinkeye/Conjunctivitis, Stye
  • Skin
    • Rash and hives, Dry skin and eczema, Poison ivy/oak, Acne, Athlete’s foot
  • Gastrointestinal
    • Upset stomach, Heartburn/GERD, Diarrhea, Constipation, Nausea and vomiting
  • Other Ailments
    • UTI’s, Yeast infection, Joint or back pain, Minor cuts/scrapes, Headaches

Q: Can I be screened for COVID-19 (coronavirus)?

A: Yes. We can ask you questions about risk factors and your condition. Based on your information, we can determine if testing is needed or give you other instructions based on your symptoms.

A risk screening is an evaluation of your health and symptoms based on guidelines from public health officials which may determine whether you meet the criteria for testing. A test would involve a swab of the inside of your nose with the sample sent to a lab for testing to see if you have the virus.

Q: Can I get an antibody test for COVID-19?

A: Yes. We offer antibody tests, which are performed through a simple blood test. To be screened for this test, you need to visit one of our clinics or use VirtualCare by Exer.

Q: Can I schedule a virtual visit?

A: There is no need to schedule an appointment. You simply click to be connected for same-day care.

Q: When are the virtual care visits offered?

A: We offer virtual care visits from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm, seven days a week.

Q: Can virtual care be used for emergency care?

A: No. If you are dealing with an emergent or serious condition, we advise you to call 911 or seek in-person medical care.

Q: How can I be treated without a physical exam?

A: Your Exer provider will evaluate your condition based on the symptoms you give as well as visually seeing you by video (if it’s an eye infection, rash or something else visible by the camera). Exer will treat you remotely by giving medical advice, walking you through at-home exercises, prescribing needed medication or recommending you come in to see us at the closest Exer Urgent Care clinic to you.

Q: What if I need a prescription?

A: Exer can prescribe any needed medication and have the prescription sent over to the pharmacy of your choice. We are not able to prescribe narcotics.

Q: What do I need to have in order to do a virtual care visit?

A: You need a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera, microphone and speaker. It doesn’t matter if it’s Windows or IOS. You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari 11+.

Q: Is my medical information secure?

A: Yes. Exer complies with all state and federal government regulations for patient privacy.