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Are you new to Exer? Learn more about us here. We staff each of our clinics with on-site ER Doctors with years of experience in emergency medicine. With on-site X-Ray, Lab, Pharmacy, IV, Splinting, Laceration, Diagnostics, we offer patients more comprehensive medical services than a typical walk-in urgent care. In fact, each of our facilities have the capabilities to stabilize and treat 80% of the cases seen daily in the local ER, with less waiting time and for a fraction of the cost. In Pasadena, we staff our center with the same ER Doctors who work at Huntington Hospital. By working in affiliation with Huntington Hospital, we are leading a significant movement in healthcare to bring emergency medicine directly into more communities while easing the strain on local Emergency Departments. Exer Urgent Care Pasadena open 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm, and our last patients are registered daily at 8:30pm. No appointment needed.

Our providers can stitch and bandage you up, run an EKG on you, or give you a flu vaccine. Eye or ear infections, UTIs, coughs, and colds can be expertly cared for by our team. Exer Urgent Care can handle about 80% of the cases usually seen in an ER but for lower costs and less wait time.

What to Bring When You Come

A government-
issued ID

Your insurance card, if you
have one

Form of payment (we accept credit
card, debit card, cash, and check)

3160 East Del Mar Blvd Ste #110
Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: 626-270-2400opens phone dialer
Fax: 626-270-2499

Open 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm.
(Last patient registered at 8:30pm).

Our Urgent Care facility is located on Del Mar Blvd. near Eaton Wash and not far from the Eaton Blanche Park, Exer Urgent Care is in a standalone building next to Chap-Care. Our urgent care center is staffed with the same emergency room doctors as Huntington Hospital.

The parking is one way in and one way out with lots of parking for Exer Urgent Care patients.

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