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Are you new to Exer? Learn more about us here. We staff each of our clinics with on-site ER Doctors with years of experience in emergency medicine. With on-site X-Ray, Lab, Pharmacy, IV, Splinting, Laceration, Diagnostics, we offer patients more comprehensive medical services than a typical walk-in urgent care. In fact, each of our facilities have the capabilities to stabilize and treat 80% of the cases seen daily in the local ER, with less waiting time and for a fraction of the cost. The Urgent Care Westwood facility is open 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm, and our last patients are registered daily at 8:30pm.

About eight minutes from the UCLA campus, Exer Urgent Care in Westwood is straight shot down Westwood Blvd. at the corner of Mississippi Avenue. Our expert medical providers can treat your colds, flus, sprains, strains, eye or ear infections, UTIs, and more.

We welcome all Bruins and non-Bruins to our urgent care where we can handle about 80% of the cases usually seen in an ER but for lower costs and less wait time.

What to Bring When You Come

A government-
issued ID

Your insurance card, if you
have one

Form of payment (we accept credit
card, debit card, cash, and check)

2090 Westwood Blvd
Westwood, CA 90025
Phone: 213-814-4070opens phone dialer
Fax: 213-814-4170

Open 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm.
(Last patient registered at 8:30pm).

When going south on Westwood Blvd., you’ll turn left into the driveway before Mississippi. Coming north on Westwood Blvd. past Olympic, you’ll turn right into the parking lot after you pass Mississippi.

We have our own parking lot right next to our building.

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