Introducing Exer’s Medical Weight Loss Program

Exer’s Medical Weight Loss Program includes:

Appetite Suppressants

    • Our program now includes Ozempic® or Phentermine which are given to you during weekly visits (for medically-eligible patients)

Weekly Vitals Check

    • Our medical professional will check your vitals, BMI, monitor your health, in addition to giving you any medication prescribed


    • We offer nutrition plans as well as low-carb/low glycemic food choices so you can develop healthy eating habits which are important for you to keep from adding back any weight lost


    • During your weekly meeting, our medical professional will assist you through your weight loss journey to  help you stay on track toward your goals

Ozempic ® now Available at these Exer locations

    • Tarzana, Westwood, Manhattan Beach, Costa Mesa, Westlake Village

Call today to learn more or to book your consultation:   (310) 320-5028


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Initial Consultation includes:

  • Medical history and examination
  • Vital signs
  • EKG
  • Lab work
  • Baseline BMI
  • Vitamin B injection
  • Provider review of lab results and consultation

Visit Details


Weekly visit includes:

  • Vital signs, BMI and clinical assessment
  • Prescription medication (for medically-eligible patients only)
    • Phentermine is dispensed during your visit (7-day supply)
    • Ozempic® injection is given during your weekly visit
Transparent Pricing


Initial Consultation:  $295

Weekly Visit:

  • Phentermine: $95/week
  • Ozempic®: starts at $125/week for 0.25 mg and price increases with higher dosages


Call today to learn more or to book your consultation:   (310) 320-5028

For pricing and more information, call us at (310) 320-5028 or fill out form below and we’ll contact you.

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Meet Ericka! She lost 42 pounds in less than 3 months!*

“I feel like a new me!”

*Weight loss and time to achieve results will vary. There is no guarantee of specific results. Ericka is an employee of Exer, as well as an actual client of Exer’s Medical Weight Loss Program, and did not receive any compensation for her testimonial.

Frequently asked questions
Learn more about our Medical Weight Loss Program
Do I need to make an appointment before I come in?
Yes, please call us at (310) 320-5028 to schedule your appointment with one of our Medical Weight Loss professionals.
Do you accept insurance?
We will try to bill your insurance for your initial consultation but require your credit card on file upon registration in case your insurance does not cover medical weight loss. • For weekly visits: We will also try to bill your insurance if you are prescribed Phentermine (but also require your credit card in case it is not covered. Please note Kaiser does not pay for weekly visits). We do not accept insurance for our in-house Ozempic® program.
Do you accept cash, credit cards or debit cards?
Yes – all three.
Do you provide invoices if I want to submit to my HSA/FSA?
We can provide you with a copy of your invoice to submit.
Are there side effects with these weight loss medications?
Yes, any medication may cause side effects. We will provide you with the details for each medication prescribed.
How much weight can I expect to lose?
Everyone is different and we cannot guarantee how much weight any person will lose. But we know that the medications we prescribe, in conjunction with healthy eating habits and some exercise, can produce positive results.
Does your plan have options for diabetics?
Yes, we welcome diabetic patients and consider all medical conditions when we develop your personalized Medical Weight Loss program. We also offer nutrition plans for diabetic patients to assist them with healthy eating choices.
Do you accept children in your program?
We welcome anyone 18 years of age or older.
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