Find Convenient Physical Exams Near You with Exer Urgent Care’s Extensive Network

Exer Urgent Care clinics are dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services, including a wide range of physical exams. Whether you need urgent, non-life-threatening examinations, routine health maintenance check-ups, gynecological exams, school physicals, sports physicals, or pre-employment and pre-operative clearances, Exer has you covered. This post explores the different types of physical exams offered by Exer Urgent Care, highlighting their importance and the convenience they provide to individuals seeking quality healthcare.

Urgent (Non-Life-Threatening) Examinations

When immediate medical attention is required for non-life-threatening conditions, Exer Urgent Care clinics are the ideal destination. Our experienced healthcare professionals are well-equipped to conduct urgent examinations, ensuring that individuals receive prompt and appropriate care for conditions such as:

  • Minor injuries and fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Minor burns and cuts
  • Respiratory infections
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Insect bites and allergic reactions
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Ear and sinus infections
  • Skin conditions, including rashes and minor allergic reactions
  • Eye irritations and infections

General (Routine Health Maintenance) Examinations

Routine health maintenance exams are vital for proactive healthcare management, promoting overall well-being, and preventing potential health issues. Exer Urgent Care centers offer comprehensive general examinations, including:

Comprehensive physical exams: These annual physicals involve a thorough assessment of an individual’s medical history, vital signs, physical condition, and overall health. The healthcare professional may perform a head-to-toe wellness exam, check blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and other vital signs, and evaluate various body systems.

Laboratory tests: Exer may provide on-site laboratory services or facilitate lab testing at partner facilities to assess cholesterol levels, blood glucose, complete blood count, kidney and liver function, and other important markers of health.

Immunizations: Exer offers vaccinations and immunizations to protect against common illnesses, such as influenza, tetanus, hepatitis, and pneumococcal infections. These vaccinations play a crucial role in preventive healthcare.

Gynecological Examinations 

The healthcare teams at Exer Urgent Care clinics understand the importance of women’s health and provide comprehensive gynecological examinations. These services include:

Gynecological examinations: These exams focus on assessing the overall health of the reproductive system, including the uterus, ovaries, cervix, and breasts. They may involve a physical examination, breast examination, pelvic examination, and discussions regarding reproductive health, contraception, and sexual health.

School Physicals

Exer walk-in clinics offer school physicals to ensure that children and adolescents meet the health requirements necessary for school attendance and participation in various activities.  School physicals typically include:

Reviewing medical history: The healthcare professional will review the child’s medical history and family medical history, including allergies, medications, and any previous health issues.

Physical examination: The healthcare professional will conduct a comprehensive physical examination, assessing the child’s growth, development, vital signs, vision, hearing, and overall health.

Immunization assessment: The healthcare professional will ensure that the child’s immunizations are up to date and recommend any necessary vaccinations required by the school or state.

Sports Physicals

Exer Urgent Care clinics offer sports physicals as part of their services. Sports physicals, also known as pre-participation physical examinations (PPE), are often required by schools, sports organizations, or athletic programs to ensure the safety and well-being of athletes before they participate in sports activities.

During a sports physical exam, a healthcare provider will typically evaluate the athlete’s overall health and assess their physical fitness for participation in sports. The examination may include the following components:

Medical History: The healthcare provider will review the athlete’s medical history (provided in the sports physical form), including any previous injuries, chronic conditions, surgeries, medications, or allergies.

Physical Examination: The provider will conduct a comprehensive physical examination, which may involve checking vital signs, assessing heart and lung function, examining joints and muscles, and evaluating overall physical development.

Vision and Hearing Screening: Visual acuity and hearing may be assessed to ensure optimal sensory function for sports participation or as part of sports camp physicals.

Immunization Review: The healthcare provider may review the athlete’s immunization records to ensure they are up-to-date, as some sports organizations may require specific vaccinations.

Discussing Any Concerns: The athlete will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or ask questions related to their health, fitness, or sports participation.

Based on the findings of the examination, the healthcare provider may provide recommendations, such as injury prevention strategies, conditioning exercises, or modifications for participation.

Pre-Employment and Pre-Operative Clearances

Exer Urgent Care centers provide pre-employment and pre-operative clearances ensuring that individuals meet the necessary health requirements for employment or surgical procedures. These examinations may involve:

Comprehensive physical examination: The healthcare professional will conduct a thorough physical examination to assess the individual’s overall health, family history, and fitness for employment or surgery.

Laboratory tests: Depending on the specific requirements, the healthcare professional may order various laboratory tests, such as blood work, urine analysis, and other diagnostic tests.

Exer’s Expertise in Comprehensive Physical Exams

Experienced Healthcare Professionals

Exer’s network of urgent care centers consists of experienced healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. These professionals have a broad knowledge base and the expertise to perform thorough physical exams and address various health concerns.

Comprehensive Assessment

Exer’s physical exams encompass a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s health. This may include:

  • Reviewing Medical History: Healthcare providers at Exer take the time to review an individual’s medical history, including past illnesses, surgeries, allergies, and medications. This information provides important context for assessing overall health and identifying potential risk factors.
  • Vital Sign Measurements: Exer professionals measure vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature, as part of the physical exam. These measurements provide valuable information about an individual’s current health status.
  • Physical Examination: A thorough physical examination is conducted to assess various body systems. This may include evaluating the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, neurological system, and more. The examination may involve listening to the heart and lungs, examining the abdomen, assessing range of motion, and checking reflexes.
  • Laboratory Tests: Exer’s network of urgent care centers may offer on-site laboratory services, or facilitate laboratory testing at partner facilities. This allows for the collection of blood samples, urine tests, or other diagnostic tests to screen for various health conditions.
  • Screening and Preventive Measures: Exer emphasizes preventive healthcare by offering a range of screenings and preventive measures tailored to an individual’s age, gender, and medical history. This may include screenings for cholesterol levels, diabetes, sexually transmitted infections, cancer, and more.
  • Health Education and Counseling: During physical exams, Exer professionals provide health education and counseling based on individual needs. This may involve discussions on lifestyle modifications, nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, stress management, and other topics that promote overall well-being.

Continuity of Care and Referrals

Exer’s network of urgent care centers recognizes the importance of continuity of care. If an individual requires further evaluation or specialized care, Exer healthcare professionals can provide referrals to appropriate specialists or coordinate with the individual’s primary care physician to ensure seamless continuity of care.

Choose Exer Urgent Care for Safe and Reliable Physical Exams Near Me

Obtaining a physical exam is essential for maintaining optimal health and preventing potential health issues. Exer’s extensive network of urgent care centers offers a convenient solution, providing accessible physical exams for individuals in various communities. With our knowledgeable healthcare professionals and commitment to comprehensive assessments, Exer Urgent Care ensures that individuals receive high-quality care during their physical exams.

By choosing Exer Urgent Care, you can conveniently access physical exams, benefit from expertise, and establish a strong doctor-patient relationship. Prioritize your health and well-being by choosing Exer for your physical examination needs. Visit your nearest Exer Urgent Care today.

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