What Substances do Pre-employment Urine Drug Tests Screen For?

When seeking a job today, many employers require pre-employment drug testing. This screening can cause some anxiety in some prospective job candidates, as they do not know precisely how the test works and what results may disqualify them for the job. Laws regulating drug testing vary from state to state, with some states requiring drug testing for job applicants. In California, employers can drug test applicants as part of the pre-employment process as long as the testing is non-discriminatory (not focused on one particular type of applicant). But what substances do pre-employment urine drug tests screen for?

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Drug testing for pre-employment screening purposes can be done using blood, urine, saliva, or even hair. However, the most common pre-employment drug testing requires the job applicant to provide a urine sample. In short, urine drug testing is effective enough to find traces of drugs in the applicant’s system even after the effects of the drugs have worn off. Drugs tested for using urine drug tests usually include amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, nicotine, and alcohol.

Drug Tests for Employment

As noted above, many prospective employers utilize drug testing as a part of the pre-employment process. Those seeking jobs in the healthcare profession often must do Pre-employment drug testing, because the applicant could have access to controlled substances if hired. Any applicant for a position with the Department of Transportation (DOT) falls under a federal law requiring drug and alcohol testing for transportation jobs. Employees falling under this law include those in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipeline, and other transportation industries. The DOT testing procedure is also more involved and detects additional substances, such as PCP, Ecstasy, and Heroin.

Workplace Drug Test

Many businesses advertise themselves as a Drug Free Workplace. If you are applying for a job with such a company, expect a workplace drug test in your future. The urine drug test is also most common with these employers, but some utilize blood tests for this purpose. While blood tests are usually done to detect the same drugs as urine drug testing (listed previously), the blood test can go back further and detect drug use over a longer period. Most prospective employers continue to utilize urine drug testing as it detects drug use and is less expensive than blood testing.

Employment Drug Testing

Employment drug testing should be efficient and confidential. At Exer Urgent Care, our skilled and professional staff is compassionate, professional, and are not here to judge you. We pride ourselves on our convenience, efficiency and cost. We maintain a clean, professional and friendly environment. And can provide you with any type of drug testing in a kind and respectful atmosphere. Our staff is familiar with pre-employment and workplace-related drug testing procedures and we can service your needs.

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