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Some companies require pre-employment physicals and/or various testing for their employees. Exer Urgent Care is happy to assist companies with their employment-specific physical screening requirements.  Typically, we will bill patients for any employment physicals or testing services, unless the company has set up a corporate account with Exer where we will bill the company directly for any pre-determined services.

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What is a Pre-Employment Physical?

Many companies require pre-employment clearance before an employee can start their job to help determine if the employee is fit to perform the duties of the position. It’s important to note that not all companies require this.

What is Included in an Exer Urgent Care Pre-Employment Physical?

A pre-employment physical typically includes the following details:

  • Provider Visit
  • Vital signs (e.g. height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure)
  • Physical Exam (e.g. check eye pupils, listen to heart/lungs, check reflexes, etc)
  • Simple eye exam
  • Provider report

What is NOT included in the price of an Exer Urgent Care Pre-Employment Physical? (these additional services are available for an additional fee)

  • In-clinic EKG
  • Drug Test
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Any in-clinic labs
  • Any urine/blood test sent to outside lab (please note that Exer will administer any additional urine/blood tests ordered and send them to outside labs who will bill patient directly for these services)

What Drug Testing does Exer Urgent Care Offer?

Our drug testing is a 14-panel panel urine drug screen performed in the clinic.

Exer Urgent Care Occupational Medicine Services are Convenient & Easy

  • 55 locations across Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties
  • Available 7 days per week with extended hours
  • No appointment necessary – walk-ins welcome
    • Check locations for hours and number of patients in line
  • We offer Self-Pay Pricing and can also set up corporate accounts*

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Frequently asked questions
Learn more about how Exer can help with your Occupational Medicine needs
How does our company send employees/prospective employees to Exer for a pre-employment physical or drug testing visit which we would like billed to our company (also known as occupational medicine or direct billing)?
First, your company would need to set up an account with Exer Urgent Care and we would directly bill your company for any occupational medicine services we provide. Once your company has an account, Exer will send an authorization form to be sent with each employee. The employee or prospective employee must bring that authorization form with them to direct our team on what to perform.
Do patients need an appointment for occupational medicine or pre-employment physical exams?
No, anyone can walk into any Exer clinic at any time during our hours of operation to be seen. Check the location page on our website to see how many patients are in line at each clinic in order to pick the one most convenient for you.
Does Exer provide Dept of Transportation Screening Services?
No, Exer does not offer Department of Transportation screenings at this time.
Does Exer have Spanish-speaking staff?
We have the ability to communicate with many non-English speaking patients through the use of our Foreign Language Translation services partnership, including Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. We also comply with ADA to assist non-verbal speakers.
If our company does not have an Occupational Medicine account with Exer Urgent Care, will Exer still see our employees who have been injured on the job?
Yes. We are happy to assist you with your workers’ compensation injuries. See our Workers’ Compensation page for more details on our services and insurance company contracts.

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